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EZ Discount Store Advertising Info

Option 1:

EZ Discount Network Banner Advertising

Your banner will be rotated on the top and/or bottom of every site in our network.

Sites Include:

The banner must be 468 long by 68 high.

1. You can add an unlimited number of banners to your campaign - each pointing to the url of your choice.

2. You will get a login account to view your campaign statistics live. Detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly impression and click-through information.

3. Comprehensive interface allowing you to change just about anything to do with your account.

A. 1 Month Ad- $35.00

B. 2 Month Ad- $65.00

Option 2:

Main Page Sidebar Advertising

You will get a 20 character linked title, with a 5 word link at the bottom of the description (same link as top), and a 30 word or less description of your site.

1. Main Page Placement - Your text ad will appear on the left sidebar of our main page (Space limited).

1 Month - $25.00

2 Month - $45.00

Best For:
1. Search Engine Ranking
2. Sites containing webmaster tools, services and internet services do very well on the main page.

EZ Discount Advertising Terms Of Service

Excessive pop-ups are not allowed. You may have two pop-ups, but not pop-ups that pop up other pop-ups. We feel this is reasonable since most surfers use pop-up stoppers when it becomes an annoyance to them.

Please do not submit web-sites that contain pornography, nudity, hate sites, or any site that we deem as innapropriate. Any advertiser that violates these terms of service will have their accounts terminated without a refund. Adult related products (e.g. Viagra, and other adult aids) will be allowed if the WebPages are virtually clean and free of the above conditions. If you feel your website is questionable and needs approval, please E-Mail Us First.

The status of your advertising campaign is tracked in real time and can be accessed by logging into your account. You will be emailed with login information after your order has been processed.

We have the right to refuse any ad for any reason we see fit and issue a refund.

Due To The Nature of This Service, There Are No Refunds For Advertising Purchases.

We do not guarantee the results of your advertising campaign.

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Payment Options:
PayPal (Credit Cards and Bank Acct. payment)- You will receive a payment request by e-mail. This email contains a link. After clicking on the link, you can log in to PayPal or sign up for a new account, and then pay from your account balance, credit card or your checking account.

Add $25 for checks and money that do not go thru a US bank, for international bank fees. (advise going thru PayPal.)

Check or Money Order- Send to
Discount Store
PO Box 241471
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Advertising starts when payment is received in full.

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