"Get Lost" And Stay Lost -- How To Disappear Completely, Without A Trace

How To Disappear

Give yourself the benefits of a fresh NEW start in life.

With this INCREDIBLY Detailed manual, you will eliminate your current identity and create a new identity in an entirely new name complete with a full set of genuine, officially-issued ID documents including a new birth certificate, drivers license, social security number, social security card, passport and even major credit cards!

This new guide can give you the second chance at life you deserve!


It really doesn’t matter what your situation is, or who’s looking for you. It might be the mob, a gang, a revenge-minded ex-spouse or a just plain crazy person.

After you shed your original identity, some sort of attempt will be made to find you.

BUT, by using the information in this guide, you will leave nothing but a dead end for pursuers!

** This information is for REAL and should be taken seriously.

Laws change and the laws regarding the creation and use of alternative identity documents have been changing quite rapidly of late.

This manual provides the most current techniques available!

What’s needed is a fresh new approach. A comprehensive system that can be relied upon to disappear without a trace.

The "Get Lost" program gives you that comprehensive up-to-date system!

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The very latest guide to creating a new credit file with a brand new number. Full details guide you every step of the way, and explain exactly what you are doing and why. DON'T WAIT YEARS for negative items to come off your credit report. All you need to know is spelled out in clear, detailed directions.

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Seller is not responsible for any use of the information presented in this package. This information is for entertainment only. The purpose of this information is to show the techniques and methods which other people have used to disappear and establish new identities. The processes and techniques herein SHOULD NOT BE CARRIED OUT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!! All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of this information. This information is for reading enjoyment, and not for actual use!! By ordering, you are indicating that you are 18 or older and do not plan to use this information for any illegal or harmful purposes.

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